Contact point for counterfeit products

About the management system

  • Our company mainly operates an EC that sells apparel products, and the products we handle include apparel products imported from overseas.
  • Regarding the product lineup, we purchase from overseas suppliers after confirming in advance by our own method whether there is any suspicion of counterfeit products.
  • As mentioned above, we do our utmost to prevent the import and sale of counterfeit products manufactured overseas. may be posted on the sales page.

Counterfeit Goods Policy

  • It is not our company's intention to import and sell counterfeit goods to make a profit.
  • Therefore, we have established the following system to eliminate the possibility of counterfeit products from being distributed as much as possible.
  • If it is clearly a counterfeit product, check it using a unique method before placing an order to prevent domestic distribution.
  • Establish a dedicated contact point for counterfeit goods
  • In the event that counterfeit goods are unintentionally purchased and sold in spite of the check operation, immediately confirm the facts as soon as the customer or the brand points out, and promptly take measures to stop sales as necessary.

      For brands and companies

      • In the future, we will continue to consider measures in terms of the system and flow with experts to strengthen the system, but if by any chance you discover the handling of suspicious counterfeit products, please contact us at the following contact point. please
      • Contact person