[Important] January 13th (Friday) - February 1st (Wednesday) Notice of holiday period

Thank you for always using HI-LANDER.

[January 13 (Friday) - February 1 (Wednesday)]

We will suspend delivery and ordering services.

Reason for leave

Business partners are located overseas,
This is to suspend long-term transactions.

[ January 13th (Friday) - February 1st (Wednesday)]
Orders can be placed as usual, but

Orders will be arranged and shipped sequentially from February 2nd (Thursday) .

【About your order】

We are taking orders as usual during the holidays.
during holidays [Friday, January 13 - Wednesday, February 1] For orders
We will process your order after February 2nd (Thursday) ,
It will be shipped in about a month from there.

Example) If you purchased on January 27th, the order will be placed after February 2nd.
Items will be shipped from late February to early March.

*The above schedule may change due to the congestion of orders.

[Delayed shipping after holidays and slip number]

After the holiday , February 2nd (Thursday), we will process orders and
Shipping will be very busy.
It will take about 1 month to ship.
Please check it before purchasing.
Also, after shipping the product, due to congestion of the shipping product
It may take up to 1 week for the slip number to be reflected.
Thank you for your patience.

[For those who purchase in January before the holiday]

Items purchased by January 1st (Saturday) will be shipped.
It will be shipped as usual.
Orders from January 1st (Sunday) will be shipped after February 9th (Wednesday)
It may be shipped.
I can't promise delivery in January, so
please note that.

However, some items ordered before January 1st (Sun)
It may be shipped after February 2nd (Thursday ) .

If you purchase multiple items, some items will be shipped first.

If the delivery of your order before January 1st (Sun) will be after the holidays,
Please let us know as it is possible to cancel or change the product.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

* Cancellations and changes to orders after January 1st (Sun)
Please note that we do not accept this in principle.

[Suspension of Deferred Payment Payment]

[January 1st (Sunday) - February 1st (Wednesday)]
" Deferred Payday Payment" will be suspended.
If you use payday payment, the product will be delivered before the product delivery date.
This is because it is necessary to make a payment.
Even with other payment methods, before the product arrives,
You may be asked to pay the price.
Please consider purchasing after understanding.

[ Information on withdrawal timing for various payment methods]

For those who purchased in January, the request for the order will be
Withdrawals will be made in late February.
Requests for orders made in February
Withdrawals will be made in late March .
after the holidays After February 2nd (Thursday) , the processing and shipping of products will be very busy.
Payment may be made before the product arrives.
Please check it in advance before purchasing.

[ Regarding returns and refunds]

During the holiday period and after January 1st (Sunday) before the holiday
of the order of the person who made the purchase
We do not accept cancellations or changes.
Even if the payment time for settlement is earlier than the delivery of the product,
Since it is described in the precautions in advance,
Please note that we cannot accept cancellations or changes.


Inquiries are handled as usual from 10:00 to 17:00 on weekdays.
Please contact us after reading the above explanation.

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If you have any questions, please contact us by email.

Please note that we do not answer phone calls.