[Notice of closure] 12/31 (Fri) ~ 1/4 (Tue)

Thank you for using HI-LANDER.

This is a notice for 4 days from 12/31 (Friday) to 1/4 (Tuesday) .

Please see below for the response during the period.

▼ Order ▼

We are still accepting orders during this period.

However, the delivery date will be about a week later than usual because the business partner will be closed.

Please check the above before purchasing.
Also, please note that we cannot respond to cancellations or changes due to customer convenience.

Delivery ▼

We are closed for regular and FAST product deliveries. We will ship sequentially from 1/5 (Wednesday ). *Delivery of FAST products will end on 12/24 (Fri.) .

We are accepting purchases as usual , so please use it.

Contact us▼

We will be closed from 12/28 (Tue) to 1/4 (Wed) .

We will start responding sequentially from 1/5 (Wednesday).

* In order to alleviate congestion, please refrain from making inquiries about the shipping date and time, etc. The delivery date and time may vary slightly depending on the order status and delivery company, so we appreciate your understanding.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.