payment method

《About payment methods This site supports the following payment methods. 》

*Depending on the payment method, payment may be made before the product arrives. Please consider the arrival time of the product and the deadline for the payment method before purchasing. It is not possible to extend the payment deadline here.

【credit card】

Card payments can be made with JCB / VISA / Mastercard / American Express brands.

[Apple Pay]

You can use Apple Pay to make payments on the web in Safari on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.
On the payment screen, select Apple Pay from Express Checkout.

[Amazon Pay]

Amazon Pay is a service that allows you to pay for goods and services using the address information and credit card information registered in your account.
On the payment screen, select Amazon Pay from Express Checkout.

You can also create an account with your Amazon account.

[Mobile carrier payment]

Payment can be made together with mobile phone charges from 3 major mobile carriers ( Softbank, au, Docomo ). After confirming your order, you will be redirected to the carrier billing screen.

[Paidy next month payment (convenience store/bank)]
  • We will issue an invoice on the 1st of the following month, and will notify you by email or SMS (short message) by the 3rd of the following month.
  • Payment methods are convenience store payment (convenience store installation terminal), bank transfer and account transfer.
  • Payment deadline is 10 days for convenience store payment and bank transfer. In the case of direct debit, the amount will be withdrawn on the 12th*. However, it may be the 20th* in January and May.
  • Depending on the payment method, a fee will be charged for each monthly payment (billing). In the case of convenience store payment, the transfer fee is 356 yen (tax included), and in the case of bank transfer, the customer is responsible for the transfer fee. In the case of fund transfer, no payment fee will be charged.
payment method convenience store Account transfer

(automatic withdrawal from bank account)

Bank transfer
Payment date up to 10 days 12th* up to 10 days
Commission paid

*Only occurs once a month, regardless of the number of times of use

356 yen (tax included) 0 Yen The transfer fee varies depending on the financial institution

*If it falls on a bank holiday, the next business day