Precautions before purchase

※※ Please read before shopping ※※

Our brand, "HI-LANDER", is a select shop.
Please note that we import and sell products from overseas.
【Shipping fee】
🇯🇵The price is ¥600 throughout Japan.
[Delivery time]
《Normal product》
Your order will be dispatched within 3 days, with delivery times up to 16 business days.
*Shipping times vary depending on the product.
Please note that delivery may be slower or faster than usual.
Once your order is placed, we will prepare your item for shipping.
We will notify you by email once the product has been shipped.
The tracking number will be included in the shipping completion email.
It will take about 1-2 days for the changes to be reflected, so please be patient.

Below are some frequently asked questions.
Please be sure to read carefully before purchasing.
【delivery company / Shipping company
We use the delivery company " 18tracking ".
The tracking site is here
*The shipping completion email will be reflected approximately 1-2 days after it is sent.

① Regarding the delivery period of the product <br>Our shop has inventory overseas,
We will process your order after your order is complete.
After you complete your order, we will send you a shipping completion email.
At that point, the product has not been shipped.

If you have selected Paidy payment, after completing your order,
If you have chosen a payment method other than Paidy, after confirming your payment,
It may take up to 16 business days for your order to be shipped.
In the event of a large number of orders or for shipping reasons,
Please note that shipping may be delayed.
*Depending on the payment method, the product may arrive before the product arrives.
You may be required to make payment in advance.
Please take into consideration the product arrival time and payment method deadlines before making your purchase.
We are unable to adjust the payment deadline or make any other adjustments.

Delivery dates are based on business days.
We do not accept orders, deliveries, or inquiries on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays.

② If you do not receive an order completion email , check if the email address you registered when placing your order is correct.
It's possible that it ended up in your junk mail.
Please check again.

③ Regarding order cancellations
We do not accept cancellations after an order has been completed.

④ Regarding long-term absence or incomplete address <br> If you are absent,
Yamato Transport will contact you with a non-delivery notice.
Please use the absence notification to request redelivery yourself.

In addition, for products that have been shipped more than 7 days ago,
The item will automatically be returned to our overseas warehouse and the order will be cancelled.
Please note that no refunds will be given in such cases.

If there is an error in the shipping address,
The item will be returned due to an unknown address.

There are many cases where addresses are not filled in properly.
Please check at the time of purchase.
* In case of reshipment, payment on delivery will be required.
In principle, cancellations or refunds cannot be made due to refusal to receive the item or long-term absence.
If you are unable to receive your package for any malicious reason,
The refund will be made after deducting 2,000 yen (tax included) for shipping costs from overseas .
Please note.

Due to customer reasons (long-term absence, incomplete address)
If cancellations continue, please change your payment method.
Restrictive measures will be taken.
The product you ordered is
Please collect it within the specified period.

⑤ Regarding inquiries to the shop
For inquiries, please contact us at
Please contact us via LINE.
Please contact us using the inquiry form on this website.
We cannot provide support by phone, so
Please note.
⑥ Notes
1) Our shop has a high level of inventory liquidity.
There may be cases where the item is out of stock or the shipment is not successful after the order is placed.
Some products are out of stock,
We are unable to cancel all other items.

2) The color of the product may differ from the image due to the lighting conditions and indoors. Also, please understand that the color may differ depending on the characteristics of each monitor.

3) We do not accept changes to color or size after the order has been completed.

- We do not accept returns or exchanges for reasons such as size changes, different colors, different images, or actual measurements.

-As this is an overseas product, the size may vary.

-Since this is an overseas product, the fabric material may differ from the photo.

・Because this is an overseas product, the sewing may be rough. There may be fraying, loose threads, no washing tags, wrinkles, and loose beads and buttons. Please understand this before purchasing.

・Because these are overseas products, some bottoms such as jeans and denim may not have buttonholes. In that case, please note that you will need to make holes yourself.

- Products that have been smelled or stained, tried on, or washed cannot be exchanged or returned.
・Items that have been delivered more than 6 days ago cannot be exchanged or returned.

⑦If you receive a defective product or a product different from what you ordered <br>If the product you receive is found to be defective or if you receive a product different from what you ordered, we will either refund you or exchange it for the same product, depending on the circumstances.

(Please note that we cannot accept returns for defective products unless you contact us within 6 days of receiving the product.)

If the item you wish to exchange is out of stock, we will proceed with the refund process.

Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges in the following cases.
・Returns and exchanges due to customer convenience (color, size, etc.)
- Items without tags (items are considered used once the tags have been removed)
・Products that have been delivered more than 6 days ago ・Products that have been used, altered, washed, or cleaned ・Products that have acquired odors, stains, or scratches while in the customer's possession
-Products with a size error of 1-3cm

4) Once an order has been completed, we will not accept any changes, additions or cancellations to products.

5) Your personal information will not be used for any purpose other than shipping. Please feel free to use our services.

⑧ Regarding receipt requests
We are unable to issue receipts.
Issuing a receipt when purchasing from an online store will result in "duplicate issuance."
Both the buyer and the seller may be charged with "forgery of a private document with a seal."
Therefore, please use the details issued by each payment method as a receipt.
・Credit card>> Statement of charges
・Convenience store>> Receipts received at the store
・Bank transfer>> Transfer statement
・Carrier payment >> Statement from your mobile carrier
Quote: (Be careful of duplicate receipts! Rules for issuing receipts at online shops)

Please understand the above before making your purchase.